Monday, April 21, 2014

Minireview - Casino Royale (2006)

A surprising and compelling addition to the Bond franchise, with one of the most epic opening fight scenes ever. Daniel Craig creates a role with confidence, toughness, and just enough vulnerability. The film examines the consequences of Bond's assassin lifestyle and the emptiness behind it all. For the man who has everything, by the end of the film he has surprisingly little.

Still, it manages to be a fun action movie, with a stellar villain in Mads Mikkelson, and a classy, clever female counterpart to Bond in Eva Green's Vesper Lynd.

4/5 stars

Hannah Long


  1. I haven't seen any Bond movies, but from what I know of the character, I'm intrigued. Especially since Daniel Craig took up the character. I've liked the other roles he's played, and was curious what he'd do for the role.

    1. It's a pretty good movie, but has quite a bit of sexual content that we skipped through, as we were watching it with the kids.


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