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Episode 40: Sense and Sensibility: Austentatious URL

Episode 39: Captain America: Civil War! URL

Episode 38: A Man for All Seasons: Giving the Devil Benefit of Law URL

Episode 37: Bridge of Spies: Mr. Hanks Goes to East BerlinURL

Episode 36: Waking Ned Devine: Casing the Joint URL

Episode 35: The X-Files: Is the Truth Out There? URL

Episode 34: The Pilgrim's Podcast: The Musical URL

Episode 33: The Force Awakens: May the Nostalgia Be With You URL

Episode 32: A Christmas Story: Red Ryder Contra Mundum URL

Episode 31: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Indiana Jones and the Escape From the Retirement Home URL

Episode 30: The Return of the King: Things Deeper and Higher URL

Episode 29: The Two Towers: Worth Fighting For URL

Episode 28: The Two Towers: There's Some Good in This World URL

Episode 27: The Fellowship of the Ring: One Does Not Simply...URL

Episode 26: The Fellowship of the Ring: Lies Breathed Through Silver URL

Episode 25: Fun With Gnosticism URL

Episode 24: Life, Death, and All that Jazz URL

Episode 23: Possession: Episode 23: Possession is 9/10s of the Law URL

Episode 22: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation: Mission Accomplished URL

Episode 21: To Kill a Mockingbird: Delete the Adjectives and You'll Have the Facts URL

Episode 20: Jurassic World: Life Finds a Way URL

Episode 19: Putting the Odd in Podcast URL

Episode 18: Stories for Children URL

Episode 17: Age of Ultron: Holy Pilgrim's Podcast, Batman! URL

Episode 16: Love...Twue Love... URL

Episode 15: The Sound of Movies URL

Episode 14: Ordet: In the Beginning was the Word URL

Episode 13: Spielberg, Spectacle, and Sentiment URL

Episode 12: Les Misérables: One Podcast More! URL

Episode 11: Sophie Scholl: The Final Days: First They Came For the Jews URL

Episode 10: What the Dickens? URL

Episode 9: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: In This World, There's Two Kinds of People... URL

Episode 8: Misremembering 2014 URL

Episode 7: Babette's Feast - Hallelujah! URL

Episode 6: It's a Wonderful Life - Freedom From Our Dreams URL

Episode 5: A Christmas Carol - All that Glitters URL

Episode 4: Children of Men - Unto Us a Child is Born URL

Episode 3: The Godfather: Part II - If You Love Me, You Have a Funny Way of Showing It URL

Episode 2: Raiders of the Lost Ark - If You Like Your Ark... URL

Episode 1: The Godfather - Never Go In Against a Sicilian URL 

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