Sunday, April 19, 2015

Episode 15: The Sound of Movies

John Wayne as a Dickens character, the end of the Patriarch's presidential career, Marco Rubio's love of rap, and the portrayal of the South in film. Also, we breakdown the new Star Wars and Batman vs. Superman trailers, and talk about movie scores, including The New World, Midnight Run, and Empire of the Sun.

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  1. Chemical engineering is my background, but I got involved in energy research and policy/analysis early on, and that set the direction for my career.

    I would like to introduce you to John Barry. Yeah, you think you already know him but keep an open mind. I think he is the greatest fil composer of all time and I was surprised that you did a show on the subject and didn't mention him. Just go along with me and start here (Quickly before YouTube disappears it) --

    His scores made films memorable, in my opinion, more often than any other composer. We'll talk more after you watch.


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