Friday, August 7, 2015

Episode 22: Mission Accomplished

We talk Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, action movies, the incredible stunts, James Bond vs. Jason Bourne vs. Ethan Hunt, and the trend towards the grim in today's film world.


  1. OK. Here's YOUR assignment. Review Possession (2002), starring Gwyneth Paltrow, and Aaron Eckhart. Bonus points for covering the original book by A.S. Byatt. It is a good film for an early Sunday afternoon when you are in an open and receptive state of mind. It is a literary detective story and a love story--one that escaped notice of the movie-going public. See it cold without researching anyone else's opinions first. Byatt's work is epic: She creates fictional characters each with a life's body of work.

  2. If you don't accept the above, you can review the TV series Rectified. Irrespective of the storyline, I was amazed that the residents of this Georgia town were portrayed as real people, not the Southern stereotypes I've always seen on TV. That's the only reason I've stuck by the show. Although I like all the characters, the subject matter isn't my usual fare.

    1. Meant to reply earlier - yeah, we managed to grab a copy of Possession from our local library, but this week has kind of been crazy, and we're camping all this weekend, so we haven't had a chance to watch it. So, chances are, we'll record next week.

  3. It's Rectify, not Rectified. It must have been a senior moment because I was watching the season finale when I wrote that. As far as the "mission" goes, it is not time sensitive. Enjoy the camping while you can!


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