Thursday, October 13, 2016

Episode 43: To Make Sport for Our Neighbors

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The Pilgrim's Podcast takes to the road to discuss zombies, violence in movies, Jane Austen, and the art of adaptation.


  1. Sorry to hear that this was not an enjoyable experience for both of you. I take it that you didn't make it a family event: That might have helped. Sometimes enthusiasm is contagious. It's been awhile now but I found the movie to be an enjoyable watch. I liked that they didn't play it strictly for laughs. That's how they usually do these things--like in those YouTube shorts for "Jane Austen's Fight Club." That has its place and "short" is a good way to do that. The term they have used is "mash-up." Now the book was promoted with a tagline of "85% Jane Austen, 15% Zombie" to which wags added "Equals 100% crap." It is certainly not that. I liked how the English blamed the French for the problem and took to using engineering solutions to the problem, like surrounding London with a high-tech moat and family estates with those rotating spiked zombie traps. I liked that the woman fought in a believable way. As I said before, this is some of the most believable female versus male combat ever put to film. If I remember correctly, the business with the human-like zombies was only a ruse to make humans drop their guard while Wickham maneuvered them to take over London. He had pacified the lot by having them eat pig's brain. As they killed the citizens of London and consumed their brains, they would revert to full zombie form. Wickham would rule London and the rest of the country eventually. Wickham had been telling everyone who would listen that Darcy cheated him out of his family's inheritance. But that "inheritance" was Darcy's younger sister's share of the family estate to which he would get control by marrying her. Darcy sussed out Wickham's motive and convinced his sister to call off the marriage. He always felt entitled and the zombies would allow him to achieve his dreams of power. No. I don't know how Zombie Wickham somehow kept more of his human intelligence than the others, besides from that being necessary to the plot. Near the end of the film credits you see him leading a zombie attack on Elizabeth's wedding--in case you missed it. The man never gives up! Given the small budget ($28 mil) and the problems the movie had because of that with writers, directors, and cast dropping out I think it all came together well. Westworld has $100 mil to play with and it's a television show.

  2. Natalie Portman, Lily Collins, Jennifer Aniston, and Rowan Atkinson were all attached to the project at one time or another. FYI.

    I just happened upon the movie late one night and I had no real expectations about it, other than seeing an early teaser that had been used to secure financing/interest (which matched the finished product in tone, which I liked.) But I guess overall I didn't expect much. Maybe that made a difference.


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