Sunday, May 31, 2015

Episode 19: Putting the Odd in Podcast

We talk The Intouchables, ISIS recruiting tactics, the sudden popularity of courtship, whether Christians should be cremated, and planning the Patriarch's funeral (it involves Matthew Perryman Jones).

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I was quite amused at the number of rabbit trails it produced.

    It was interesting to hear you guys talking about courtship. My wife and I did a courtship (not arranged) under the guidance of her parents. While our own courtship was successful in all the important ways (we have a strong marriage, saved ourselves for our wedding night, have good relationships with our respective in-laws), for a variety of reasons we are both now pretty ambivalent about the whole thing. It is definitely important for Christians to apply biblical wisdom to their dating practices, but I think the way courtship has been presented by its proponents as a “model” or “alternative” to dating has mostly been unhelpful.

    The part about digging graves reminded me of Flannery O’Connor’s story "You Can’t Be Any Poorer Than Dead”. Also, I quite agree on the importance of burial as a Christian tradition. I’ve always wanted to be a member of a church that had an attached cemetery, although it is doubtful that that will ever be a practical possibility, since very few churches have them anymore, and it’s hardly the most important thing to look for in a church.


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