Saturday, March 15, 2014

Broadchurch - Season 1 Finale - Review

I know I've harped on the wonders of ITV's Broadchurch, but, to come clean, I wasn't quite as enamored at first. I loved the entire series up until the finale. [Spoilers ahead.]

The reason was, mostly, that I believed too much in human integrity, in good ol' small towns and decent middle class families. The last episode shattered my hopes and gave me a strong dose of Calvinism - it took me a while to recognize the hope that accompanied that disillusion, and the deep themes of love and grace among ubiquitous sin.

I recognize that the sudden aberration was supposed to be shocking and unexpected, but I was so struck by the way it destroyed my illusions that I had little time to focus on other themes. My revelation came mostly through this article, which I fully recommend (and to which I can add nothing but my endorsement):

It feels that underneath all of this pain [in Broadchurch], the question that lurks down deep is “am I known? Who really knows me and do I really know anyone?” What would true intimacy, true community look like? David Tennant’s character has a line in episode 4 that is intended as humor, but evoked a main truth of the series in my opinion....“Why do we have to create some false intimacy by calling each other by first names?” The line, as is the scene, is funny, but also belies a lurking unbelief in intimacy and, I suspect, a sadness of its absence....As DI Hardy says in the final episode, “People are unknowable… You can never really know what goes on inside someone else’s heart.” 
Whilst this might cause some of you to want to skip Broadchurch, might advertise it as depressing, negative, etc… Don’t. Yes, there is the deep truth of Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” Yet, there is also a hope lurking....Broadchurch might open the door for despair of humanity, but it also opens another door.

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Hannah Long


  1. Hi Hannah,

    So...this is extremely belated, but I just got my hands on a copy of Broadchurch this week. And honestly, I kept after it because of your reviews here. (Thanks for that. :) ) I'm so glad I did. What a show. I literally just finished watching about an hour ago and my mind is still reeling. What depth and darkness and takeaways and the hope at the end! Wow. So much to take in.

    Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the recommendation and that I enjoy perusing your reviews of shows and films. It's nice to know that there are other Christians who are actively engaging with the stories in film and TV, considering them and holding them against God's truth. Keep up the good work!


    1. Wow - thanks for commenting. It delights me to no end when I find out there is, in fact, somebody out there reading this - much less actually going out and watching stuff on my recommendation!

      As a matter of curiosity, how did you find out about this blog? The Rabbit Room? (Noticed you liked Fiddler's Green. :D)

      If you want more periodical updates, you can like these pages on Facebook (I update the Longish one more often):


    2. Yes, I found your blog via Rabbit Room. :) I think you had made an interesting comment on one of the posts and I found my way back to your blog from that. And yes, I do like Fiddler's Green a lot!

      I'm subscribed to this one and Longish by email, so I always get the updates. :)

    3. Suppose I need to comment over there more often! I need to re-read the Fiddler books - I'm working through the Wingfeather Saga again before I read Warden and the Wolf King.

      You might enjoy checking out the Longish page anyway - I'm working on building a small community there. There are some pretty great people I've met through the course of these little blogs.


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