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British Mystery Coming Soon - 2014, 2015

Starting Thursday, October 2, Gracepoint will hit the small screen in America. Folk have been quick to assure us that it will not be a point-by-point remake (at least, after the first two episodes) of the original, superb series Broadchurch - but I'm not entirely convinced. (Update: my review of the first episode.)

 Since my last update list, I've seen a few more things turn up.

Besides more seasons of Foyle's War (complete - here's a brief interview from the elusive Mr. Kitchen), Broadchurch (finished filming), Father Brown (filming), and Sherlock (being written) we have...
Titles for the upcoming Inspector Lewis episodes. Thought to have ended, this show - a continuation of Inspector Morse's legacy - refuses to go away. The first episode is entitled Entry Wounds , and brings back a retired Lewis to help the newly promoted Inspector Hathaway and his new sergeant(!), Lizzie Maddox.  The next episode, is The Lions of Nemea. Lastly is Beyond Good and Evil (Oct. 19) which I predict offers a comeback for the Favorite Villainous Atheist Friedrich Nietzsche.


George Gently2
Inspector George Gently, starring stolid, reliable, Moral Authority Martin Shaw as the titular character and Lee Ingleby as his smart-aleck, bigoted-yet-somehow-likeable sidekick John Bacchus, has been renewed for a seventh season.
It has quickly become one of my favorite shows, with the lovely non-chemistry between its two strong leads. I'm planning on writing more about this show once I get the time.

  Shooting has started and we're looking at a 2015 release. Episode summaries here.

Grantchester is ITV's latest period murder mystery, adapted from a series of novels set in the 1950's, featuring a crime-solving Anglican priest, Sidney Chambers, and written by James Runcie, the son of a former Archbishop of Canterbury. Rather than taking place in the Detroit of England, we'll be following homicide in the other university: Cambridge.

 I'm halfway through the first book, and it's solid, fairly light-hearted stuff, with more depth than, say, Agatha Christie (not that that's saying much.) Pleasant prose quickly draws us into a charming world with just a bit of a post-war sadness. I'm not ecstatic about James Norton as a casting choice - he didn't leave much of an impression as a rather insipid suitor in Death Comes to Pemberley - but I've been wrong before. My impression from the trailers is that this version may be sensationalized, which would be a shame. Despite its flaws, the latest Father Brown has never gone far down that road. Robson Green stars as Sidney's sidekick, Northumbrian Inspector Geordie Keating.

We're now having our first look of the remake of Partners in Crime, a series of light mystery novels written by Agatha Christie featuring detective couple Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. The original starred Francesca Annis and James Warwick. They are replaced, respectively, by Jessica Raines and David Walliams. While I think the two look very classy, I'm not entirely enthusiastic with the choice. Walliams looks quite stodgy, and Raines has not shown the sort of charisma that Francesca Annis exuded.

 A six-part series is planned for release in 2015.

 UPDATE: Endeavour has been renewed for a third season, much to my delight.

Writer Russell Lewis with the details: “Endeavour '67... Pepper – Piper – Purple Haze... As 'Oxford's finest' encounter friends and foes both old and new, our next quartet of mysteries will take the audience on a psychedelic Summer of Love fairground ride, filled with twists and turns, shrieks and scares. For something wicked this way comes...”

My reviews of Endeavour:

Season 1
    Episode 1 - Girl 4 stars
    Episode 2 - Fugue 5 stars
    Episode 3 - Rocket 3 stars
    Episode 4 - Home 3 stars
Season 2
    Episode 1 - Trove 3.5 stars
    Episode 2 - Nocturne 4 stars
    Episode 3 - Sway 4 stars
    Episode 4 - Neverland 5 stars   

Want something good to watch? Check out my full list of good detective shows.


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