Sunday, December 14, 2014

Episode 5: A Christmas Carol - All that Glitters

George C. ScottAlistair Sim's Scrooge was less a cruel miser than a miserable man, making him a character we actually wanted to see change.

We talk about two Scrooges: Sim and Scott. Also: South-West Virginia, The Muppets, putting the mass back in Christmas, favorite Dickens names, Mrs. Crachit’s divine pudding, and the cruelty of government charity.


  1. I saw The Christmas Carol as an extension of the Gospel story of Lazurus and the rich man--you know the one where in life the rich man wouldn't dip his fingers in the water to quench the thirst of Lazurus, and when they died, Lazurus went to Heaven and the rich man went to Hell. The rich man asked that Lazurus be sent back to warn his five brothers and the request was denied. He was told that his brothers had Moses and the prophets to warn them. And if they wouldn't listen to them, what good would Lazurus's warning do? Scrooge got his warning(s) and he did decide to reform.

  2. Thank you for the excellent excerpts from G. K. Chesterton's introduction, which I had never read before. I found it printed in full here. Happy reading everyone!

  3. Here's the first film version--1910. I gift you with the whole thing--all 10-minutes. Remember, the 30-Second Bunny people weren't around yet.

    1. The 30-Second Bunny version of "My Dinner With Andre" is there for illustrative purposes. The point was that Thomas Edison's ten-minute version of The Christmas Carol will have to do until the bunny people make a thirty-second version . You see, a few years ago (hundreds of years in internet time) those 30-second Bunny clips were all the rage for their succinct versions of all the popular movies. Many people preferred them to the originals. Youngins like you two might not know that. For example, as a man, I find the 30-second "My Dinner With Andre" watchable. I have to turn the original off when I start to think about putting my foot through the TV set.

    2. I'm of the HISHE and Honest Trailers generation. Glad I didn't waste the time on My Dinner with Andre, though - I'd seen it at the library and considered watching it.


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