Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Episode 1: The Godfather - Never Go In Against a Sicilian

The theology of story, the need for grace to counterbalance justice, and throwing tea in the sea of Galilee. Should the plural of fish be fish? What would the world look like without police? Is Christianity a democracy? And is The Godfather all about the Pharisees?


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    1. Now, now. Just 'cause y'all won the civil war doesn't mean you have to rub it in.

      Also, note my great eloquence: "down beneath the streets, in this dark...darkness." Until I listened to this, though, I didn't notice how often I use "fer" when I mean "for." Maybe I'll just do the next episode in an Irish accent.

      Seriously, though, besides the general campiness (doncha just love The Professor's cameo?), what do you think? :)

    2. Ha! Actually, some of my sympathies lean southern in that war, though obviously I'm anti-slavery. I'm not one to sing along too loudly when the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" starts up. I always think of Sherman's march, and then it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

      Anyway, I actually didn't listen to the whole thing because I (unlike everyone else) have not yet seen The Godfather and want it to be unspoiled for me if and when I decide to see it. :-) However, it sounded like a lot of fun from the bit at the beginning that I heard. Love the "secret host." On a technical note, your voices came through just a bit faintly. And, I could hear the sound of clinking dishes in the background, but I suppose that merely gives it a more "homey" sound than usual. ;-)

    3. Well, while I understand that many southerners didn't feel like they were fighting for slavery, I think the south's position is ultimately indefensible. As for Sherman, he wasn't all that bad, actually:

      We're hoping on polishing up the technical stuff later. (I didn't have the time, this week - and I barely have the software). My mom was in the other room making a cake. She actually walked in at one point and answered a question that she'd misheard. It was hilarious. But I edited that bit out.

      How far did you listen? We took a while before getting to specific spoilers. (Spent a good bit of time talking about Andrew Peterson and stories and stuff.)

    4. I'm glad to know you like it, though. First episode stage fright. :)

    5. This is where the spoilers are, I believe:

    6. Ah! Well in that case, I shall listen on. Many thanks for the spoiler alerts. I need a good podcast to listen to while I grade dull as ditchwater financial homework for my job.

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    1. As in "Garbo speaks!" I never doubted you could speak quite well.

    2. Ha! Thanks. Though I edited out a lot of my rambling.


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