Saturday, November 22, 2014

Episode 2: Indiana Jones - If You Like Your Ark...

In Which: we discuss self-reliant heroes, danger in action movies, and why John Williams is the star of every movie he scores. Also: What is a swashbuckler? Is the Ark of the Covenant a weapon of mass destruction? Does this movie end with a Deus ex machina? And could Indiana Jones have been European?

All this and more in the second episode of The Pilgrim's Podcast.


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  1. Just listened to this one while grading a giant project over Thanksgiving weekend (yes, other people sleep in and do nothing over Thanksgiving, I work--cough). Very entertaining! Didn't know those details about sound effects. Thanks ever so much for providing them, I geek out over that sort of thing. :)

    Was waiting for your dad to correct you on the Brit who was actually French, however his name is spelled.

    Best line: "Is whats-is-name in it?" "No." "Oh, too bad."

    BTW, funny you guys should be comparing it with Chariots, because I nearly had a debate the other day with a friend who said Raiders was the greatest movie ever made in his opinion, and I was saying no, it was Chariots. He hadn't seen Chariots, but my mother and I were both piling on him a bit for saying it was Raiders. :-D I explained that one might say Raiders was the most entertaining movie (though I don't know if it would grab my #1 spot in that category either), but that in order to be counted among "greatest ever" films, it has to really transcend. IOW, unless you're not going to appear silly hanging around Fiddler On the Roof, Casablanca, Chariots, On the Waterfront, etc., you're not really one of the "greatest" films of all time. Maybe you're one of the most fun, but that's different.


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